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Underground Wellness Radio is where health, personal development, and entrepreneurship meet head-on to reveal the blueprint for coming alive. Host Sean Croxton delivers in-depth weekly interviews with a variety of special guests including Chris Kresser, Diane Sanfilippo, Marie Forleo, Mark Sisson, and more.
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Sep 18, 2015

Cynthia Pasquella - clinical nutritionist, author and founder of The Institute of Transformational Nutrition - returns to the podcast and candidly opens up about her past. She shares the story of her own personal traumas, how she has used them to transform her own life, and how she helps others do the same. 

Here's what we talked about: 


3:28 Where Cynthia’s long journey to success started, and the reason why she decided to tell her story.

7:09 No running water? The details of Cynthia’s childhood living conditions and the many tragic events that left her parents struggling.

12:53 How Cynthia learned to be a good mom despite growing up without a positive mother figure.

20:41 The reason Cynthia never invited friends over, and why they probably wouldn’t have even been allowed to visit if she had!

27:28 Raising parents and being a referee: Cynthia takes on much of the responsibility for her family and herself.

31:09 The opportunity that got Cynthia out of the south and to LA, and how it she found herself going from “a crazy situation to a completely insane one.”

38:32 The modeling industry, “Latte Diet” and numbing out with drugs and alcohol takes a major toll on Cynthia’s body, health and psyche.

49:08 The important message Cynthia received that stopped her from taking her own life.

57:17 Cynthia bets on herself–with 3 credit cards!–to learn how to regain her own health, and starts to help other people do it, too.

1:05:59 How a cheeseburger left Vegan Cynthia in tears and gives her freedom from the food fight.

1:16:01 Money matters: Why it’s not about the amount of money, but what you do with it that matters.

1:29:01 How to use your own experience and story to make some extra money or even start a whole new career!

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Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 

Sep 10, 2015

Kevin Gianni -- author of Kale and Coffee: A Renegade's Guide to Health, Happiness, and Longevity -- returns to the podcast to discuss his journey from a food-obsessed, raw vegan YouTube celebrity to a healthier, happier version of himself. 

Here's what we talked about: 

5:03 How Kevin’s time as a vegan, raw foodie YouTube celeb led him to an unhealthy obsession with food. 

12:14 The reason why good intentions don’t always equal good health and how anything taken to the extreme will eventually make us sick. 

15:14 The one thing Kevin’s doctor told him he needed to do to save his health – and why Kevin didn’t do it right away.

18:13 Is it helping or hurting? Kevin transitions to eating meat and deals with the thin line between helping people and hurting people in the health space. 

22:51 Kevin runs into another health challenge (by eating only organic foods!) and the most important thing he learned from not being able to button his pants. 

27:45 Kale, coffee and kids: Finding a more reasonable, realistic way to be healthy without going off the deep end. 

30:38 The health expert reality TV show: How we get stuck on only part of the story and why health studies, gurus and experts should never be the be-all, end-all for our health information. 

35:05 “If you lose the mental game, you lose the physical one.” Advice from Kevin’s 93 year old grandfather about keeping your mind and attitude in good shape. 

38:57 What we can learn from some of the longest living humans on earth and how you can apply it to your own life. 

42:36 The simple, sensible solution to how much meat, carbs and fat we should be eating. 

46:38 Keeping stress in check: Kevin’s recommendations for managing stress day to day and in the gym. 

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Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.

Sep 4, 2015

David Zappasodi, author of Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind, discusses the 6 essential practices for living a healthy and fulfilling life.


Here's what we talked about:


3:00 – How David’s desire to get client results in the fitness industry led him down a path to meditation and mindfulness. 


8:52 – The power of personal responsibility and paying careful attention to your own body, triggers and intuition. 


13:59 – The two parts of every goal and which one you must focus on if you want long-term success. 


18:19 – The importance of the process and how to make sure you don’t get stuck when working towards a goal. 


23:02 – Are your goals generous enough? How generosity can help you get results in all areas of your life. 


27:14 – How focusing on the future might be hindering your progress, and how to build a better relationship with the present. 


32:04 – Thoughts vs. feelings: how to break out of the vicious cycle of aggression and avoidance to experience lasting fulfillment.


51:18 – The certainty of uncertainty and David’s best practices to have patience with our progress. 


56:58 – Can you take action by taking a time-out? Creating sustainable practices to keep you inspired and moving forward. 



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Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.

Sep 2, 2015

Chef Pete Evans — author and co-star of My Kitchen Rules — discusses how and why he’s changing the food climate in Australia.


Here's what we talked about: 


2:25 – How Pete went from being a cook at McDonalds to an influential high-profile celebrity chef. 


4:51 – Why don’t people cook anymore? Why being a good cook probably isn’t as difficult as many people may think. 


8:10 – The best ways to overcome your fears and controversy and why it’s so important to do so. 


14:12 – The common sense approach Pete has used to find the best diet, how he was finally “outed” as paleo and why he doesn’t regret causing a stir in the media. 


23:53 – How Chef Pete stays positive among all the negativity and how you can, too. 


28:57 – Paleo politics: What “paleo” means to Pete and why what we call a diet doesn’t really matter. 


38:50 – Why paleo doesn’t have to be perfect and the mindset to help you stress less about food and diet. 


41:20 – Pete’s perpective on “paleo-fying” and the role dietary guidelines play in the world of nutrition, today and in the future. 


45:38 – All about Chef Pete’s books and his paleo-packed program The Paleo Way


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Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.