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Underground Wellness Radio is where health, personal development, and entrepreneurship meet head-on to reveal the blueprint for coming alive. Host Sean Croxton delivers in-depth weekly interviews with a variety of special guests including Chris Kresser, Diane Sanfilippo, Marie Forleo, Mark Sisson, and more.
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Jan 28, 2015

Jen Wittman — author of Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally — visits the podcast to discuss how she used “radical TLC” to LOVE her thyroid and her body back to health. Find out how you can get the support you need, make self-care a daily practice, and get your crazy schedule under control so you make more time for you and the healing process.


Here's what we talked about: 


3:28 – Why it took 3 years and 13 doctors to get the the bottom of Jen’s health problems.


6:45 – Jen gets a reality check about the SAD diet she was eating (and washing down with Gatorade) and the traumatic event that she believes triggered her health problems.


12:20 – The most important thing Jen did to heal herself, why she didn’t want to do it, and how she finally made a change.


14:37 – Dealing with an “invisible” disease and communicating to get the support you need.


22:29 – How to separate your identity from your disease.


23:42 – Setting a daily practice for self-love and self-care, one choice at a time.


27:54 – The 3 phrases of healing and transformation.


28:53 – The most IMPORTANT part of creating real change.


35:24 – What your super busy schedule might really mean and why you need to make time for yourself.


38:05 – Cry buddies: letting it all out for better health.


40:15 – Order Jen’s new book Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally.


40:45 – Sign up for the FREE Your Best Thyroid Life event.


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Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 

Jan 23, 2015

Dr. Terry Wahls, author of The Wahls Protocol (now available in paperback), stops by to discuss a variety of topics including an update on her multiple sclerosis research, how GMO farming reduces nutrient density, and how low cholestrol may cause violent behavior. 


Here's what we talked about: 


2:30 – Dr. Wahls’ incredible story of overcoming multiple sclerosis. Have you seen her TED Talk?


8:01 – Can a vegetarian diet cause autoimmune disease?


9:03 – UPDATE: What Dr. Wahls’ latest MS research is showing.


12:25 – The 80-year decline: Is your apple as nutritious as it used to be?


14:07 – Why fungi is your friend (and Round-Up is not!)


20:41 – The common weed killer clogging up your detox system and causing “leaky skin”. 


23:55 – Glutathione and sulfate: why you need them and how to get them.


29:56 – Dr. Wahls’ favorite leafy greens and other JERFy recommendations.


32:31 – All about your microbiome: Is it promoting health … or inflammation and obesity?


38:57 – How your poop can save someones life. I’m serious!


44:00 – A crazy cholesterol connection and low cholesterol may more dangerous than you thought.


47:31 – Order The Wahls Protocol!


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Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 

Jan 20, 2015

Alexandra Jamieson returns to the show to discuss her outstanding, new book Women, Food, and Desire

Here's what we talked about: 

3:54 – The one question you must answer for yourself to live a better life. 

6:30 – How fear and habits could be holding you back. 

12:02 – Why your desires will always come back to food – and how to use them to make better choices.

16:04 – The 4 root causes of all your cravings. 

21:32 – Lose the guilt over physical and emotional cravings. It’s human nature!

24:19 -Transforming bad food habits into good ones. Hint: Try bathroom aerobics. 

27:30 – How to tell if your cravings are really a problem or just a pleasure. 

31:39 – Alex gets super honest about her personal life and the healing power of sharing her story.

37:20 – Dating and diets: it’s all about finding the right fit. 

39:55 – Your diet: much more than what you put in your mouth.

41:24 – Why we need to get honest about what we need and how we want to feel. 

44:30 – The no-win game of comparison and body hate and how to surround yourself with support for better health. 

52:13 – How to use the power of food and desire to improve your relationships and your life – and have more fun while you do it.

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Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 

Jan 14, 2015

Dr. Amy Myers, author of The Autoimmune Solution and host of The Autoimmune Summit, returned to the podcast to discuss how toxins and untreated infections contribute to autoimmune conditions.


Here's what we talked about: 


3:55 – The confusion and frustration of a second-year medical student (Dr. Myers) suffering from the symptoms of an autoimmune thyroid condition.


8:30 – How having your thyroid removed can cause mood swings and panic attacks!


11:00 – The “healthy diet” that may have contributed to Dr. Myers’s condition … and the dramatic “meaty” changes she had to make.


13:20 – It’s not all about gluten and leaky gut! The multifactorial complexity of autoimmune disease.


19:43 – What is autoimmune disease anyway? 


20:41 – How a flawed medical system contributes to underreported cases of autoimmunity.


23:19 – The autoimmune spectrum. Where do you fall?


25:15 – The”elevator pitch” version for why you should heal your gut and drop gluten.


27:26 – Dr. Myer’s two non-negotiable foods for healing your gut.


31:00 – Immunosuppressive drugs: how leaving yourself wide open for an infection can be a major problem with autoimmunity.


35:40 – Three theories for how common, everyday toxins may be affecting (or triggering) autoimmune conditions. 


41:00 – MAJOR problems with how chemicals and toxins are approved for personal and commercial usage.


44:22 – Dr. Myers’s 3 simple strategies for clearing toxins from your air, water, and food.


48:52 – How to detox WITHOUT triggering autoimmunity.


50:47 – How bacterial infections and viruses trigger autoimmunity. And how to test for them.


1:00:39 – Pre-order The Autoimmune Solution and get these free goodies!


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Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.